February 2016

The Super Powers of Amethyst

When I think about amethyst, that beautiful, vibrant February birthstone, I am reminded that not much has changed over the past thousands of years. Well, okay, a lot has changed – but let me explain what I mean. In the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, amethyst was thought to hold special powers for […]

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Celebrate the Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for everyone to honor the love in their lives. The holiday celebrates romance, desire, love and friendship. While the symbolism remains powerful, let’s be honest, the holiday has become ubiquitous with hearts in all shapes and sizes, teddy bears, and candies covered in love notes. It’s not that we […]

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January Birthstone is Garnet

If it were up to us, every child would be graced early on with a garnet, no matter what month they were born in.  After all, what more could we wish for our children as they start out on life’s journey than the gifts bestowed by the legendary “Gem of Faith”—eternal happiness, health and wealth? […]

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