Mike and Matt Wilson, Brothers in Jewelry


This good-looking guy is our great grandfather, Morris Wilson, who founded Wilson & Son Jewelers in 1905.


“The Earth gives us stones. We make them jewels.”

Morris favorite saying, passed on to us by our Dad.

To our great grandfather Morris Wilson, jewelry was art and the jeweler an artist/craftsman. Today, our Wilson & Son stores are shrines to that art, and we are now the artist/craftsmen, carrying on our 110-year tradition.

Of course, our stores have grown over the years as our collections of jewelry, giftware and fine watches have expanded. We even employ three certified Gemologists to provide appraisal services as well as Swiss-trained watch repair specialists. (Morris would be proud.)

But what really sets us apart, we believe, is the unique culture that enlivens everything we do. It’s a culture inspired by the beauty of what we make and what we sell. It’s a culture you can sense when you visit our stores.

Or as Morris might have said: “The stores give us customers, we embrace them as friends.”