November 2015

December birthstones are Turquoise and Zircon

How appropriate that Turquoise is one of the December birthstones. From earliest times, Turquoise has been the symbol of friendship and peace in the home. So it’s the perfect stone to represent the holiday season. But it gets better. When given by a loving friend it’s believed the stone will bring good fortune and protect […]

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How to choose the right engagement ring

Gentlemen: How to choose the right engagement ring … from a ladies point-of-view With the romance of the holiday season, there’s love in the air. And for those of you guys thinking about making your love official, there may be some anxiety mixed in with that love! Along with the perfect proposal, you want the […]

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November Birthstone is Topaz

When Mike and I were little guys, we got along pretty well. But every once in awhile something would happen and we’d go at it. This was always the result of Mike picking on me as the younger brother (as I remember it) and me responding the way little brothers will. Unfortunately, it always seemed […]

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