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How to choose the right engagement ring

Gentlemen: How to choose the right engagement ring … from a ladies point-of-view

With the romance of the holiday season, there’s love in the air. And for those of you guys thinking about making your love official, there may be some anxiety mixed in with that love! Along with the perfect proposal, you want the perfect engagement ring. Well don’t sweat the small stuff. Here are a few tips to help any aspiring fiancé choose the ring of her dreams without ruining the magic of the surprise.

Go for a romantic stroll

With the countdown to winter, invite her to take a walk to admire your local shops’ window decorations. When you coincidentally happen upon a jewelry store, see what kinds of rings or jewelry catch her eye and take note. Don’t be afraid to snap a few photos if you can.

Know her style

Think about your partner’s style in jewelry. Does she often wear vintage pieces or items her grandmother handed down? If so, she may want a more traditional ring with a vintage look. Or is she drawn to simple, modern pieces? Also consider whether she would prefer a ring that makes a statement or one that may blend in with her look and the practicality of life. Once you get a sense of her style, it will make choosing a ring that much easier.

Learn her ring size

A common hurdle in choosing an engagement ring is determining her ring size. There are a few sneaky tricks to get beyond this logistical issue. Many women have a stash of rings. Choose one, she won’t miss and bring it into the store or mark the spot where it sits on your own pinky finger.

Ask the experts…her friends!

Chances are she’s been talking about the ring she wants far longer than you’ve been thinking about it. So there’s likely no better person to ask for ring advice than her best friend or sister.

Come on into Wilson & Son

You don’t have to do it alone! We’ve helped countless couples navigate this stress-filled, crazy process, so come on in, relax and let us help you too. And in the meantime, feel free to browse engagement rings or get an overview about diamonds in our Education section.

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