Feeding Westchester comes to the aid of Federal Workers

Feeding Westchester always stands ready to provide food for our neighbors in need. Right now, our friends and neighbors who work for the federal government are at risk of missing ANOTHER paycheck—and having to choose between paying their bills and buying food for their families. So Feeding Westchester is coming to their aid. They will […]

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Can you help us feed Westchester?

Feeding Westchester’s mission is to end hunger in Westchester County. As the heart of a network of more than 300 partners, including soup kitchens, food pantries, and residential facilities, Feeding Westchester’s mission is to source and distribute food, and other resources, to towns across Westchester helping to ensure that none of our neighbors are hungry. […]

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Wilson & Son Jewelers’ clients get “First Look” at A. Link Trunk Show

Can you blame us if we’re a little bit giddy? A. Link—one of the most renowned and admired jewelry brands—has chosen Wilson & Son Jewelers as the first venue in the United States to introduce its newest designs. This special “First Look” opportunity is part of our A. Link Trunk Show, all-day, Saturday, December 8. […]

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Father’s Day

Father’s Day does not just have to be about grilling, making golf jokes and buying more ties. Take it from me – I’ve received plenty of sweaters, gadgets of one kind or another, and grilling equipment than I would need in a lifetime (sorry honey). Whether you’re celebrating your own father, helping your children express […]

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Graduation Gifts for Grad Season

Congratulations to all of you celebrating a graduation this month! Whether it’s from high school, college, graduate school or anywhere in between, the meaning of this day goes well beyond the actual diploma. For parents of high school grads, at least, it means you’re finally free! Just kidding. What it really means is that you […]

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Expressing Love and Thanks on Mother’s Day

As a son, husband and father, I know that Mother’s Day is a time to thank our mothers, and to thank our wives for being mothers, and finally, to help our children thank their mom for being mothers. I could argue that the holiday is really about all that men do for the women in […]

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April Birthstone is Diamond

Celebrate an April Birthday With Brilliance… ThE DIAMOND! Over the years we’ve noticed a pattern. Of all our clients who feel a particularly strong bond with their birthstone, it is overwhelmingly those born in April. You may not be surprised to learn that April’s birthstone is none other than the “King of All Birthstones,” otherwise […]

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March Birthstone is Aquamarine

Spring is a time of renewals. It’s a time to brush off the cobwebs of winter and look forward to bright and beautiful new beginnings. Aquamarine, the stunning blue gem that represents the March birthstone, is the perfect embodiment of this wondrous time of year. It’s no surprise that the name aquamarine is derived from the […]

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Engagement Season Is Upon Us

Last month we celebrated my favorite holiday – Groundhog Day. As quirky as that sounds, and believe me I get plenty of grief about it from my brother, the ridiculous festivities surrounding whether Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow mean that spring is close. This year, I was happy to hear that Punxsutawney Phil did […]

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The Super Powers of Amethyst

When I think about amethyst, that beautiful, vibrant February birthstone, I am reminded that not much has changed over the past thousands of years. Well, okay, a lot has changed – but let me explain what I mean. In the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, amethyst was thought to hold special powers for […]

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Celebrate the Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for everyone to honor the love in their lives. The holiday celebrates romance, desire, love and friendship. While the symbolism remains powerful, let’s be honest, the holiday has become ubiquitous with hearts in all shapes and sizes, teddy bears, and candies covered in love notes. It’s not that we […]

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January Birthstone is Garnet

If it were up to us, every child would be graced early on with a garnet, no matter what month they were born in.  After all, what more could we wish for our children as they start out on life’s journey than the gifts bestowed by the legendary “Gem of Faith”—eternal happiness, health and wealth? […]

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Tis the season for engagement

Imagine the scene: It’s snowing outside, you’re bundled up against the winter chill and holding hands with the woman you love. You slowly get down on one knee and hand her a beautifully wrapped package with a stunning ring inside. Could you imagine a more magical engagement? As owners of Wilson & Son, Matt and […]

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December birthstones are Turquoise and Zircon

How appropriate that Turquoise is one of the December birthstones. From earliest times, Turquoise has been the symbol of friendship and peace in the home. So it’s the perfect stone to represent the holiday season. But it gets better. When given by a loving friend it’s believed the stone will bring good fortune and protect […]

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How to choose the right engagement ring

Gentlemen: How to choose the right engagement ring … from a ladies point-of-view With the romance of the holiday season, there’s love in the air. And for those of you guys thinking about making your love official, there may be some anxiety mixed in with that love! Along with the perfect proposal, you want the […]

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November Birthstone is Topaz

When Mike and I were little guys, we got along pretty well. But every once in awhile something would happen and we’d go at it. This was always the result of Mike picking on me as the younger brother (as I remember it) and me responding the way little brothers will. Unfortunately, it always seemed […]

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October Birthstones are Opal and Tourmaline

Mike and I have a theory about the October birthstones. Opal and Tourmaline are two of the most unique gems man has ever dug up. Their properties are honest-to-goodness freaky. So we speculate that sometime in our distant past, a hairy guy with a sharp stick discovered an opal, while over on another savanah another […]

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New Jewelry Collections at Wilson & Son

We’re always looking for beautiful new collections to grace our showcases. But lately we’ve gone a little wild. There’s just so much incredible creativity out there! ALOR Look at ALOR. Who imagined you could craft some of the most stunning bangles out of stainless steel cable? Designer Jack Zemer’s artistry and innovative thinking is the […]

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September Birthstone is Sapphire

Sapphire, the birthstone for September, may just be the greediest of all the gems. Over the centuries, it has attracted to itself just about every positive human and heavenly virtue, leaving crumbs for the rest of the gemological lineup. At one time or another, Sapphire has claimed for itself wisdom, power and faith. Truth and […]

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August Birthstone is Peridot

Never heard of August’s birthstone, peridot? Neither had most of the world until about 1995. Which is too bad since its wonderful green color is the perfect compliment to late summer tans and light flowing summer wardrobes. It’s odd, too, since peridot is a very ancient gemstone, a favorite of the Egyptians and Romans. Cleopatra […]

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One drop of water inside your watch can cause major damage

How’s that for an eye-catching headline? Unfortunately, it happens to be true. Which is why you should bring in your watch for a water resistant test at least once a year. Though your watch may say its water resistant, that means it will resist humidity and maybe a few rain drops. No watch is waterproof, […]

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July Birthstone

My brother has always been a ruby man. Mike loves rubies. You can’t blame him. After all, rubies are red! The color of love and passion and power. Over the centuries, they have captured the imaginations not just of lovers but of mighty rulers as well. In fact, in ancient India where rubies were said […]

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June Birthstone is Pearls, Alexandrite or Moonstone

Yes, June has more than one birthstone. In fact, it has three! Why? No idea. Anyway it’s a nice problem for those born in June: you have your choice of Pearls, Alexandrite or Moonstone. Pearls Pearls have been used as an adornment for centuries. They were one of the favorite gem materials of the Roman […]

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Report from New Orleans

You’d think that after a lifetime in the industry, Matt and I would know all there is to know about jewelry. But, honestly, we both feel there’s so much we don’t know! Our industry is so vibrant, and so endlessly interesting, we have to work hard to keep up with it all. Which is why […]

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Matt and Mike and Emily

Armenta, that is. She’s the creator and designer of our newest jewelry line, called simply Armenta. Her jewelry collections are not for the faint of heart — rich, bold, crusty granulated gold with Byzantine, gothic and religious overtones. One would most likely not see Donna Reed sporting Armenta cuffs. Perhaps Rooney Mara. Armenta is sold […]

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May Birthstone is Emerald

They say the birthstone for May—emerald—derives from the Greek word smaragdus, which means green. How you get EMERALD from SMARAGDUS is a mystery to us. On the other hand, emeralds are a symbol of rebirth, hence the tie-in to May and Spring and birds bursting into song, which makes perfect sense. Emeralds’ lush green has […]

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Time to Pop ‘The Question’?

Being guys ourselves, we know that most of us guys are not natural romantics. Which puts us at a distinct disadvantage when thinking about how to propose. We don’t daydream about our wedding day. We don’t flip through wedding magazines, trying to imagine ourselves as the guy in every tuxedo ad. We don’t mute the […]

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Thinking about selling your jewelry, diamonds or watches?

Matt and I are proud and excited to announce that Wilson & Son jewelers has been invited to become one of a select number of retailers selling jewelry to join the CIRCA Solutions network. CIRCA is the leading international buyer of pre-owned jewelry, gemstones and watches with more than 100 associates and 13 offices worldwide, […]

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